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Toddy - Cold Brewing System

Toddy - Cold Brewing System
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Toddy - Cold Brewing System
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Meet the Toddy Cold Brew System! Consisting of a 5-gallon BPA-free container with a spout, reusable mesh strainer, and multiple disposable filters and ties. This electricity-free coffee maker works its magic overnight while you catch some much-deserved sleep How the Toddy Cold Brew Commercial System Works:- Add Ground Coffee: Simply place the reusable strainer and disposable filter into the brewing container and add 5 pounds of your (or your customer's) favorite ground coffee to the disposable filter. - Saturate the Grounds: Add approximately 5.6 liters (around 1.5 gallons) of cool water to the coffee grounds and fully saturate. Tie the filter bag closed at approximately 3 inches from the top of the bag. This will leave plenty of room for the coffee grounds to move and shift around a bit. Beware: tying the bag too tight may result in dry pockets that will substantially weaken the concentrate. - More Water!: Add 5.6 liters of water to the brewing container. - Optional Step: Gently massage the grounds through the strainer to make sure all the grounds are fully saturated. - Cover and Wait: Cover the brewing container with the lid and let it "brew" for 8 - 16 hours.

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