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An acrylic cup holder specially designed to hold multiple cups at one time, great for hot or cold cups of different sizes. Makes coffee and tea service areas easy to organize in coffee shops, hotel lobbies, motel breakfast service areas, at home on your kitchen counter, at work, in a restaurant- spa..
S.R 169
Ex Tax:S.R 147
The size of the protafilter makes it suitable for Delonghi machines..
S.R 94
Ex Tax:S.R 82
Yalova - Syrup Dispencer
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Brand: Yalova
Enjoy getting the right amount of syrup on your drinks or desserts with the syrup dispencer. Features of the Syrup Dispencer:- It is made of reinforced plastic so that it is not easily damaged. - Safe and harmless and does not cause food change. - Easy and fast to use as it provides a certain amou..
S.R 15
Ex Tax:S.R 13
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