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Brand: Cores
The Gold Filter Double Wall Mug's metal filter allow the entire properties of coffee to be extracted, the overall taste of coffee will differ from coffee extracted using paper filters. Because the gold filter is chemically resistant, its impact on coffee flavor and aroma is minimal. The double wall ..
SAR 169
Ex Tax: SAR 147
Brand: Cores
The Cores Gold Filter Dripper is ideal for brewing aromatic, flavorful coffee. The mesh has the added benefit of directly extracting coffee flavor oil into the cup. Because hot water runs freely, it allows for quick extraction, bringing out the delicious and clean features of specialty coffee. Cores..
SAR 131
Ex Tax: SAR 114
Brand: Cores
The Cores Single Cup Gold Filter is a gold-plated filter for brewing a great single cup of coffee. Simply add ground coffee and hot water. Its gold filter is chemical reaction resistant, so its impact on coffee flavor and aroma is minimal, allowing you to get the most out of your coffee. Cores Gold ..
SAR 115
Ex Tax: SAR 100
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