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Home bundle - Torre Peppina Package

Home bundle - Torre Peppina Package
Home bundle - Torre Peppina Package
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Introducing the Home Bundles - Torre Peppina Package, a bespoke collection designed for the discerning home barista. This exclusive package offers a comprehensive suite of premium coffee tools and accessories, blending functionality with artisanal charm to elevate your coffee brewing journey to professional levels.

TORRE Peppina - 1 Group Head Wooden Control Flow: Dive into the world of espresso with the TORRE Peppina, featuring a single group head and wooden flow control. This machine not only stands as a centerpiece in your kitchen but also offers unparalleled precision in espresso extraction.

Eureka Mignon XL 65 - Matt Black: Achieve the perfect grind with the Eureka Mignon XL 65. Its matt black finish and advanced grinding technology ensure consistent grind size for the ideal espresso shot, every time.

Pourx Oura Coffee Scale: Precision meets elegance with the Pourx Oura Coffee Scale. Designed for the meticulous brewer, this scale offers real-time feedback and accuracy for a perfectly balanced brew.

Pesado Pitcher 490 ml - Charcoal: Craft your latte art with the Pesado Pitcher. Its ergonomic design and charcoal finish make it a stylish yet practical tool for any barista.

Tache Wooden Coffee Distributor and Tamper 58.5 mm - Black: Ensure an even and compact coffee bed with Tache's Wooden Coffee Distributor and Tamper. These tools are essential for a consistent espresso extraction and crema.

Barista Space Coffee Needle 58 mm - Gold: Perfect your coffee puck with the Barista Space Coffee Needle. This gold-finished tool helps you break up clumps and distribute grounds evenly for a flawless extraction.

Pesado Dosing Cup: Streamline your coffee preparation with the Pesado Dosing Cup. It facilitates a mess-free transfer of coffee grounds to your espresso machine, enhancing workflow and consistency.

Cafelat Flat Mat: Protect your countertops and provide a stable base for tamping with the Cafelat Flat Mat. Its sleek design and functionality make it an indispensable part of your coffee toolkit.

VERO 3 oz Espresso Cup - Clear: Savor your espresso in style with the VERO 3 oz Espresso Cup. Its clear design allows you to appreciate the rich colors of your espresso, enhancing the sensory experience.

The Home Bundles - Torre Peppina Package is not just a collection of items; it's a gateway to mastering the art of coffee at home. Designed for enthusiasts who appreciate the finer details of coffee brewing, this package promises to transform your daily coffee ritual into an extraordinary experience. Elevate your home barista skills and indulge in the luxury of café-quality coffee, every day.

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