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Brand: Kalita
The Kalita Glass Server comes in either a 300 ml capacity or a 500 ml capacity and makes the perfect companion for both sizes of the Kalita wave dripper300ml glass coffee pot/server. Can be used in a microwave. Materials: Heat-resistant glass For 2 cups..
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Kalita - Wave Filter - 155
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Brand: Kalita
The Kalita Wave 155 filters are made of high-quality paper, with both the material and the shape designed to extract impurities from the coffee and leave you with a pure, excellent cup of coffee...
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Kalita - Wave Filter - 185
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Brand: Kalita
White Wave paper filter of size 185 and has 100 sheets Suitable for 2 to 4 cups and to be used with wave dripper 185..
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Kalita - Wave Steel - 155
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Brand: Kalita
The Kalita Wave has been meticulously produced with a bold, robust coffee flavor in mind. It has a genuinely unique contact area that ensures the filter does not come into contact with the dripper...
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Brand: Kalita
The feature of the Wave Series 185 is that the contact surface between the filter and the inner dripper with 20 waves is on the side,and is not in contact with the flat bottom. Due to the limited contact surfaces, hot water does not accumulate when poured in the long-term at an angle, but rather qui..
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