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Nouva Simonelli

Nouva Simonelli - Naked portafilter - Black
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Nuova Simonelli Bottomless (Naked) Portafilter complete with 21g Filter Basket...
S.R 207
Ex Tax:S.R 180
Nuova Simonelli - Espresso Machine - Oscar 2
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Oscar is a home espresso machine that features high-quality components such as a filter holder, a thermally controlled dispensing group, and a steam wand. Oscar is ideal for all small spaces, such as a kitchen, a coffee corner, or an office, because it is only 32 cm wide and has a stainless steel bo..
S.R 4,600
Ex Tax:S.R 4,000
A flat head slotted steel screw for the group head of Nuova Simonelli espresso machines..
S.R 12
Ex Tax:S.R 10
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