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PUQpress - Autotamper Q2 (Gen 5) - Matt White

PUQpress - Autotamper Q2 (Gen 5) - Matt White
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PUQpress - Autotamper Q2 (Gen 5) - Matt White
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  • Model: BTP00125
  • Weight: 0.15kg
  • SKU: BTP00125
  • ISBN: 1320-2-21-0010Y
The PUQpress Autotamper Q2 (Gen 5) is the world's first automatic coffee tamper, handling pressure and improving consistency for your customers. The press tamper tamps in 1.3 seconds on average, making it ideal for high-volume cafes, mobile espresso vans, hotels, and restaurants. The Puqpress Q2 is a free-standing electronic tamper with a 58.3 mm flat piston, designed to tamp the same way every single time for millions of cycles. The latest Generation 5 model also features a quieter motor. The PUQpress Autotamper Q2 (Gen 5):- Tamps consistently and level every time - Adjustable pressure from 20-60 lbs - Coated piston reduces stuck-on grinds - 58.3 mm diameter sized for most precision espresso baskets - New adjustment wheel for easy and precise setting of portafilter fork

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