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Pallo - Coffee Tool Machine Brush - Black
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Brand: Pallo
The Coffee Tool is a truly unique, multi-function tool designed specifically to prevent scalding water from reaching your hands while you clean. Add to this our replaceable bristles, pre-measured detergent spoon and replaceable steam wand and you'll agree that there really are no comparisons. Try on..
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Brand: Pallo
The Pallo Grinder is one part Grinder Brush and one part Counter Brush all in one convenient tool. Sweep down the grinder, flip it around and sweep off the counter. Generous reach to get into stuff and a low profile counter head to get under stuff...
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Brand: Pallo
Pallo Steam Wand Brush "Steamy Wanda" with 7mm Diameter Steam Wand Brush for Medium - Large Steam Wands, however the bristles are soft enough to accommodate smaller wands...
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Brand: Pallo
The original Rollster Brush from Pallo prevents unintended over-roasting by allowing the beans to cool properly. The roaster cooling tray can't effectively cool the beans unless the vent holes are clear and open. Rollster keeps the vents wide open and prevents build-up when used regularly. For heavy..
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Brand: Pallo
The Pällo Caffeine Wrench is an innovative tool that has been specially developed for a variety of tasks to maintain your espresso machine. It is small and compact so that you always have it close at hand.The Wrench is made of durable stainless steel, with a black rubber handle. The tool is robus..
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