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Brand: Pesado
This Pesado depth adjuster allows you to fine-tune the uniform tamper level and pressure, resulting in even more precise and consistent extraction yields.This equipment is intended to make tamping easier in crowded circumstances or when numerous baristas are involved..
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Brand: Pesado
Command a more efficient workflow by dosing into the Pesado dosing cup instead of directly into your portafilter. This approach produces less coffee mess on the counter, is much faster for weighing individual doses, and helps distribute grounds in the portafilter more evenly. Made from Stainless Ste..
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Pesado - Naked Portafilter LM E61 - New Ola
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Brand: Pesado
The PESADO coffee machine portafilter has been designed to optimise efficiency and durability. The body is made entirely of stainless steel to increase strength and performance with heavy usage.The "naked" head exposes the bottom of your basket, allowing you to diagnose any channeling or issues wi..
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Pesado - Pitcher 490 ml - Charcoal
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Brand: Pesado
The Pesado milk pitcher is built with high quality and precision in mind, resulting in features such as: absolutelystraight handle placement and spout alignment, sharp spout tip specially intended for complicated art patterns, extra deep spout neck/wall to allow precision foam pouring even when ther..
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Brand: Pesado
Precision. Consistency. Strength. At Pesado we have worked hard to design, create and trial baskets and showers to fit these 3 requirements. With the technology that Pesado have developed we have tweaked and moulded our designs to fit our PESADO ideals. Our baskets and showers are perforated with co..
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Pesado - Tamper 58 mm - Black Gold
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Brand: Pesado
The Pesado black and gold tamper was designed to assist you in perfecting your coffee tamping ability. The tamper is purposefully constructed with a diameter of 58.5mm and a precisely machined 90 degree sharp edge to maximize basket coverage and consistency while leaving no residue.These high-end..
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Pesado - Tamper 58 mm - Raya
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Brand: Pesado
The PESADO 58.5 tamper has been created to perfect the coffee tamping procedure. Our tamper diameter is 58.5mm with a precision machined 90 degree edge to maximise basket coverage. The sharp edges extend the effective tamping area and get full coverage of the basket, leaving no residue and maximisin..
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