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Urnex - Café Starter Kit (Cafiza,Tabz, Rinza, Grindz) - 125 Gms
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Brand: Urnex
Do you have any plans to start a new café? Then the Urnex Café starter kit is perfect for you. The set includes trial sizes of cleaning and maintenance products for your espresso machine, grinders, steam wands, and batch brewers. Cafiza is an espresso machine cleaning powder that eliminates coffee r..
SAR 169
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Urnex - Roaster Soakz Roaster Equipment Cleaning Powder - 1.8 KG
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Brand: Urnex
A highly concentrated and effective cleaning powder designed to easily dislodge and remove a variety of soils that form when roasting coffee. When mixed with water, it is suitable for removable stainless steel parts of coffee roasting equipment whose sizes and forms make scrubbing, chipping, or wipi..
SAR 222
Ex Tax: SAR 193
Urnex - Roaster Sprayz Roaster Equipment Cleaning Spray - 946 ml
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Brand: Urnex
This c;eaning spray removes soils that stick to internal surfaces during roasting. This cleaning spray contains a high-foaming, slightly viscous liquid that clings to and dissolves dirt for a thorough clean. This product is ideal for use on chaff collectors, cooling trays, impellers, and other inter..
SAR 124
Ex Tax: SAR 108
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