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Brushes & Cloth

The Espazzola is a professional tool for cleaning group-heads of espresso machines and should be considered an essential part of any espresso machine cleaning kit. Unlike traditional group head brushes, the Espazzola is mounted into the group-head like a portafilter and uses the hot water from the m..
SAR 155
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Brand: Pallo
Pallo Steam Wand Brush "Steamy Wanda" with 7mm Diameter Steam Wand Brush for Medium - Large Steam Wands, however the bristles are soft enough to accommodate smaller wands...
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Ex Tax: SAR 40
Brand: Pallo
The original Rollster Brush from Pallo prevents unintended over-roasting by allowing the beans to cool properly. The roaster cooling tray can't effectively cool the beans unless the vent holes are clear and open. Rollster keeps the vents wide open and prevents build-up when used regularly. For heavy..
SAR 207
Ex Tax: SAR 180
Brand: Tache
This is a proper steam wand cleaning cloth. You won't burn your hands while cleaning the steam wand and you can use the dark side for cleaning the counter. It features 3 layers made out of microfiber and silicone.The white side is for wiping the steam wand, and the dark side to clean surfaces and ot..
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