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Home bundle - Torre Luigino Package
New -20 %
Brand: TORRE
Transform your home coffee brewing into a luxurious affair with the Home Bundle - Torre Luigino Package, exclusively designed for the coffee connoisseur who seeks unparalleled perfection in their cup. This premium collection seamlessly merges cutting-edge brewing technology with artisan coffee tools..
SAR 9,500 SAR 11,891
Ex Tax: SAR 8,261
Home bundle - Torre Peppina Package
New -20 %
Brand: TORRE
Introducing the Home Bundles - Torre Peppina Package, a bespoke collection designed for the discerning home barista. This exclusive package offers a comprehensive suite of premium coffee tools and accessories, blending functionality with artisanal charm to elevate your coffee brewing journey to prof..
SAR 13,600 SAR 16,911
Ex Tax: SAR 11,826
TORRE - Peppina - 1 Group Head Wooden Control Flow TORRE - Peppina - 1 Group Head Wooden Control Flow
New -20 %
Brand: TORRE
Introducing the TORRE Peppina, a masterpiece of coffee craftsmanship designed for the connoisseur who demands a blend of traditional aesthetics and cutting-edge performance. With its singular group head and exquisite wooden flow control, the Peppina is a testament to the art of espresso that doesn't..
SAR 8,800 SAR 11,000
Ex Tax: SAR 7,652
TORRE - Luigino - 1 Group Head Wooden Control Flow
New Hot -20 %
Brand: TORRE
Unveil the essence of espresso artistry with the TORRE Luigino, the single group head espresso machine that marries timeless elegance with pioneering precision. Handcrafted for the barista who cherishes tradition yet demands the exactitude of modern technology, the Luigino stands as a testament to c..
SAR 5,796 SAR 7,245
Ex Tax: SAR 5,040
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